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  MadMoneyGPT has zero tolerance for fraud. In this industry there are unfortunately some users who break rules and ruin offers for everybody. We feel it is in our best interest to put this policy in place to protect not only our business but our advertisers and as well as our members.

-Using fake information on offers

-Using the gmail dot trick or any other similar method on offers

-Doing the same offers on MMGPT that were done on other sites(Duplicating)

-Canceling Trial offers immediately

-Uninstalling download offers immediately

-Use of any script to complete offers, including grease monkey

-Having more than one account per household

-Using Proxies or VPNS

-Use of any disposable e-mails

-Using fake information on your profile

-Registering while under the age of 13

Any user caught committing any type of fraud, or has committed fraud on any other GPT website or network will be banned without pay. We also reserve the right to ask, at any time, for identification to verify names & addresses used when signing up to MadMoneyGPT. By joining and using this website you agree to our fraud, privacy and terms policies.

Updated 10/15/2010


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