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1.) Web Browser
Please remember when completing a offer we recommend you use Mozilla FireFox.
It increase's the credit approval rate of an offer. Why is this? Well, Firefox's coding a different than other browsers. It will track the offer better. So anyways, lets go on to step 2!

2.) Clearing the cookies:
At the top off your browser there will be a selection of things what to do. there should be one saying "Tools" after that you will want to go
Options right at the bottom click on it. Once clicked on it you will be brought to another window, there should be a option which says clear
Cookies click on it.

3.) Clearing the history (you don't have to do this but in some cases it helps):
At the top of your web browser there should be a selection of things to do. there should be one what says history hover over it. the third one
down click on it. a new window should open. click on all the items you have in the right column the click "delete".

4.) Finding a offer:
Click "Offers" on the top menu and find a category that interested you. It is also a good idea to do offers under our last credited box on the left side, these offers have credited for other members and there is a good chance they will for you too, but do not only follow the last credited list, it is always good to go through the pages of offers, there are good offers that users miss and they never get credit, thus never showing in the last credited or getting a rating.
Now, complete the entire offer as the description explains on the offers page.

5.) Once completed a offer:
Once you have finished with a offer keep the window open the go back to the offers page. there will be a little button what says "Mark as Pending". Be sure to mark this offer completed. If you fail to do this your account will not be credited for the offer you completed. Remember it can take up to 7 days for a offer to credit. So do not worry if it does not credit your account instantly. Although some offers will. Also remember some offers will never credit. Its not our site. This same thing applies to all GPT (GetPaidTo) sites.

You have completed your first offer well done!! If you still need help, feel free to ask in the shoutbox, forum, or open a support ticket. Good luck on your offers!

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